8 best Brightpearl alternatives for retailers for 2024

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Imagine you are standing in the heart of a bustling retail district, surrounded by inventory management solutions where every turn reveals a fresh, innovative storefront eager to offer something better than the last. As you ponder how to manage inventory for your next venture, you’re on the hunt for the perfect spot for your new flagship store.

Switching retail operations software is akin to choosing a new flagship store location; it demands thorough research, a touch of bravery, and an eye for potential, just like selecting the right order management software. 

For retailers curious about life outside of Brightpearl, a realm of digital promise awaits you, including enhanced inventory management tools.

Join us on a journey through eight inventory management software solutions, each brimming with tools and features like business intelligence and sales analytics that might just redefine your retail operations.

Ready to explore? Then let’s get stuck in…

1. Linnworks

Linnworks inventory management software

Navigating the realm of ecommerce platforms can feel like sorting through an endless digital marketplace. While some platforms pop up momentarily and fade, others hold their ground, dominating with authority and inventory management precision.

Enter Linnworks.

Taking the spotlight not just because it’s our list, but because it genuinely shines bright amongst the inventory management competition. Beyond the sleek aesthetics, Linnworks is meticulously tailored for retailers intent on turbocharging their operations with the best inventory management software.

Offering an all-in-one cloud-based inventory management solution, it stands as the reliable backbone for those set on mastering the intricate dance of online retail, that’s why it’s top of our list as one of the best Brightpearl alternatives.

Most notable features


Linnworks offers a pricing structure based on order volume, with several add-on options available. We’d advise checking out our pricing page to get a clear understanding of how pricing works.

What do people say?

“I feel that we have grown up with Linnworks, which has evolved significantly to a stage where it does everything we require. 

As time goes on, more functionality is being added. All systems can have faults and issues, and this is where Linnworks doesn’t disappoint. 

I have always found their support team to be knowledgeable and responsive whether we are working in the evening, during the day, or even at the weekend.”

Daniel B., Director, Small-Business.

2. NetSuite

Netsuite inventory management software

Boasting a comprehensive suite, NetSuite is more than just another name in the crowd. It’s the go-to for businesses that appreciate the elegance of an integrated system. 

Seamlessly knitting together an ERP system, CRM, and ecommerce, it promises a synergy that few can rival, which is why it’s one of our Brightpearl alternatives. Tailored for those who desire a singular platform that can manage inventory seamlessly, NetSuite is the epitome of streamlined sophistication in the digital age.

Most notable features

  • Unified business management: manage everything in one place – finance, orders, inventory, and more
  • Global business management: keep track of multiple subsidiaries, currencies, and tax rules
  • Customizable cloud-based platform: personalize the solution to adapt and evolve with your unique business needs
  • Advanced revenue recognition: simplify and automate complex processes such as revenue forecasting, recognition, reclassification and deferral
  • Real-time business intelligence analytics: facilitate informed decision-making, powered by trustworthy data


NetSuite hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to the company directly for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“We use Netsuite every day for everything from procure-to-pay to order-to-cash, as well as other general accounting functions (journal entries, inventory management, budgeting, etc.). 

Our experience has been good and I think Netsuite is a great value for the money compared to competitors that I’ve used in the past.”

Andrea, Food & Beverages, 51-200 employees.

How does Linnworks inventory management software compare?

NetSuite presents as a comprehensive powerhouse. Meanwhile, Linnworks emerges with a laser-focused approach to multi-channel retail management.

Drawing a comparison, imagine NetSuite as your versatile multi-tool, while Linnworks is that finely-tuned instrument, meticulously designed for retail precision. Both bring value, but there’s an unmistakable specificity to what Linnworks delivers.

3. Extensiv

Extensiv inventory software

Extensiv has swiftly ascended in the retail software arena, drawing acclaim and turning heads as one of the most effective cloud-based Brightpearl alternatives. Not just another contender, it brings a unique blend of innovation and functionality to the table.

Distinguished for its prowess in enterprise software, Extensiv sets itself apart. 

Beyond mere features and integrations, its defining trait is adaptability. This platform isn’t just about providing tools; it’s about understanding the varied demands across industries and ensuring that its offerings are not just adequate but exceptional. 

For businesses seeking a versatile solution that doesn’t compromise on depth or detail, and those looking for powerful order management software, Extensiv stands as a compelling choice among other Brightpearl alternatives.

Most notable features

  • Industry-specific modules: solutions meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of varied sectors, ensuring a fit that feels custom-made
  • Comprehensive analytics: delve beyond surface-level metrics and equip yourself with insights that allow for a richer understanding of your ecommerce business landscape
  • Integrated CRM: with an integrated approach, ensure every interaction adds value and strengthens bonds, cultivating and nurturing valuable business relationships
  • Supply chain management: oversee every step of the journey, from initial procurement to the final sale, ensuring a cohesive and efficient process throughout using automation rules
  • Ecommerce integration: ensure your online store operates in harmony with other business operations, offering a consistent experience for customers


Extensiv hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to Extensiv for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“The layout is incredibly easy to use, the software itself is very simple to navigate and overall training new employees on using this software is very simple. 

Out of all the systems we use this is the easiest to use/train.”

Dominique B., Customer Service Manager, Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

While Extensiv provides a wide range of features catering to various industries, Linnworks zeroes in with unparalleled focus on the retail sector. 

Every tool and feature in Linnworks is specifically designed with retailers in mind, offering a depth of functionality that ensures retailers not only have the tools they need but that these tools are perfectly attuned to the nuances of their industry. 

Where Extensiv offers breadth, Linnworks delivers precision, ensuring a tailored solution for every possible retail challenge.


SAP Software Solutions home page

Part of SAP’s extensive ERP system portfolio, ECC stands out due to its multifaceted capabilities. 

Not just a single solution, ECC is a collection of integrated modules, each meticulously designed to address distinct business functions. From managing complex procurement processes to overseeing human resource activities and payroll, its depth ensures that businesses have a comprehensive tool at their fingertips for enterprise resource planning, which is also handily cloud-based.

With its adaptability and scalability, ECC is a testament to SAP’s commitment to providing solutions that cater to the intricate and ever-evolving needs of enterprises, which is why it’s perfect for this Brightpearl alternatives list.

Most notable features

  • Modular structure: choose tailored modules to fit your business, ensuring seamless integration and focused functionality
  • Financial management: comprehensive tools streamline asset and account management, simplifying financial operations and oversight
  • Human capital management: digitalize HR processes for optimized recruitment, training, and performance evaluations
  • Advanced analytics: decipher trends and transform raw data into actionable business insights, fostering informed decision-making
  • Supply chain integration: achieve a cohesive supply chain, from procurement to delivery, optimizing efficiency at every step


SAP hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to SAP for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“The best thing about SAP ECC is its comprehensive functionality and integration across business processes. 

It offers modules for finance, sales, procurement, manufacturing, and human resources. This enables seamless data flow, real-time insights, efficient decision-making, and improved operational efficiency.”

Mahmud A., Python/ Odoo developer, Enterprise.

How does Linnworks compare?

While SAP ECC holds a strong reputation in broad enterprise solutions, Linnworks stands out for its specific dedication to retail needs. 

Linnworks delivers agility, responsiveness, and a keen understanding of retail challenges, providing a more streamlined and adaptive solution for retailers.

5. Odoo ERP

Odoo home page

Recognized for its comprehensive suite of open-source cloud-based business applications, Odoo has become a top choice for many enterprises, especially when it comes to Brightpearl alternatives. 

Its ERP system modularity allows businesses to customize their toolset, ensuring they have exactly what they need without any excess. Plus, its affordability means that companies, both big and small, can benefit from its robust capabilities without breaking the bank.

Most notable features

  • Modular apps: tailor your toolset by selecting specific applications, ensuring functionality aligns with needs, from sales to manufacturing
  • Integrated ecommerce: simplify the process of building and managing aesthetically pleasing online storefronts
  • CRM integration: manage leads effectively, guiding them through the funnel with efficiency and precision
  • Inventory management: maintain a clear overview of stock levels, ensuring accurate tracking and timely restocking
  • Point of sale: ideal solution for traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, streamlining in-person transactions


Odoo offers good value for money with three pricing packages:

  • One App Free ($0) – for one app only, unlimited users for Odoo Online
  • Standard ($7.25 per user per month) – all apps included for Odoo Online (free trial offered) 
  • Custom ($10.90 per user per month) – for all apps, and includes Odoo Online, Odoo.sh**, On-premise, Odoo Studio, Multi-Company, and External API (free trial offered)

What do people say?

“Odoo has helped us to automate our business process securely while leveraging more revenue.

The best part about Odoo is it comes with integrated apps for CRM, eCommerce, accounting, PoS, and project management. The software is easy to implement with detailed documentation and active community support.

Nabin, Computer Software, 51-200 employees.

How does Linnworks compare?

Odoo offers a comprehensive suite of tools using its ERP system, but where it takes a generalist approach, Linnworks dives deep into the retail sector’s intricacies.

Linnworks emphasizes streamlined operations and robust retail management, ensuring businesses thrive in a competitive marketplace.

6. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct software

Sage Intacct stands out in the retail world, attracting businesses with its potent financial management capabilities. 

Beyond finance, Sage Intacct also excels as an ERP system, and as order management software in its own right, offering seamless integrations and streamlining order management. These powerful tools empower businesses to operate more efficiently across multiple departments, which is why it’d made our Brightpearl alternatives list.

Most notable features

  • Unified financial management: consolidate all your financial data for a clear, comprehensive view in one centralized location
  • Enhanced billing systems: intuitive design meets advanced billing features, streamlining invoicing and payment processes
  • Holistic financial analysis: dive deep into your financials with multi-dimensional perspectives, ensuring no aspect is overlooked
  • Resource optimization: efficiently track and manage time and expenses, ensuring maximum productivity and minimizing waste
  • Intuitive reporting tools: utilize dynamic dashboards and detailed reports to derive actionable insights and make informed decisions


Sage hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to directly to Sage for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“Sage Intacct is used for our billing, receiving, and inventory management. 

The software is feature-rich and has many options that allow us to generate reports that help with the day-to-day running of our departments.”

Joshua E., Beverage Division Management, Mid-Market.

How does Linnworks compare?

While Sage Intacct excels in financial management, Linnworks offers a comprehensive suite tailored for the retail sector. 

Linnworks provides an array of tools designed specifically for retailers, ensuring a broader and more integrated solution than the singular, finance, focus of Sage Intacct.

7. Acumatica

Acumatica inventory software

Acumatica stands out as a leading cloud ERP solution, combining functionality with an intuitive design. 

Designed for modern businesses that rely on mobile devices and a cloud-based infrastructure, it emphasizes flexibility and robustness, ensuring a complete solution that caters to diverse operational needs.

Most notable features

  • Industry-specific modules: solutions meticulously crafted to cater to diverse sectors and their unique needs
  • On-the-go management: robust mobile capabilities allow seamless business operations from anywhere at any time using mobile devices
  • Instant insights: harness real-time analytics to stay updated and informed about crucial business metrics
  • Holistic customer management: integrated CRM provides a comprehensive perspective on your order management and customer interactions and history
  • Detailed inventory oversight: maintain a thorough understanding of each product with advanced inventory features, from stock levels to intricate product details and inventory tracking


Acumatica hasn’t disclosed the cost details for their product or service. Many software vendors and service providers follow this approach. Reach out to Acumatica for the latest price details.

What do people say?

“ It gives us a comprehensive and integrated experience when managing finances, operations, and connecting with customers. 

It is a cloud-based solution, which means a really quick and easy implementation.”

– Jacob A., Software Engineer, Information Technology and Services, Mid-Market.

How does Linnworks compare?

While Acumatica offers broad business capabilities, Linnworks delivers a platform fine-tuned for the retail sector. 

With Linnworks, retailers receive a solution adeptly crafted to address their specific needs and goals, ensuring efficiency and scalability as they navigate the ever-evolving world of ecommerce.

8. Zoho Inventory

Zoho inventory management software

Zoho Inventory is a top-tier inventory management solution known for its user-centric design and seamless integrations.

Highly recommended for Brightpearl alternatives, it offers a comprehensive approach to managing stock, orders, and channel sales efficiently.

Most notable features

  • Unified order management process: efficiently centralize and manage orders from multiple sales channels in one streamlined platform
  • All-in-one channel management: sell on diverse platforms while maintaining centralized control and management
  • Intelligent stock replenishment: automate stock reordering to ensure consistent availability and prevent stock-outs
  • Optimal warehouse management operations: implement best practices and tools to ensure your storage facilities remain organized and efficient
  • Insightful inventory analysis: dive deep into your inventory data, providing actionable insights to enhance overall inventory health and performance


Zoho offers a range of pricing packages to suit every business’s needs. As the price goes up, more orders, shipping labels, tracking, warehouses, users, and more. are included:

  • Free ($0 per organization per month)
  • Standard ($59 per organization per month, billed annually)
  • Professional ($99 per organization per month, billed annually)
  • Premium ($159 per organization per month, billed annually)
  • Elite ($239 per organization per month, billed annually)
  • Ultimate ($329 per organization per month, billed annually)

What do people say?

“The thing that I enjoyed the most about Zoho inventory was how easy it made managing orders and sales orders across multiple channels. 

If you use omnichannel methods, this software is sure to help out tremendously.”

Andrea D., Finance Director, Small-Business.

How does Linnworks compare?

Zoho Inventory is adept at streamlining inventory processes, while Linnworks amplifies this by integrating seamless omni-channel sales experiences. 

With Linnworks, users not only manage their stock efficiently but also ensure consistent branding and customer experience across all sales platforms.

Which Brightpearl alternative is the best?

Looking for the best Brightpearl alternatives? 

It’s a jungle out there. 

But if you want an order management tool that’s user-friendly, packed with features, and super efficient – our verdict? Linnworks, hands down. But don’t just trust us – see for yourself.

Jump into the self-guided product tour and see why so many are switching to Linnworks!

Ready to see Linnworks in action?

  • Unrivaled ecommerce data accuracy
  • 100+ integrations with global sales channels
  • Up and running in 40 days on average

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