Brand new XSellCo Fusion App integration

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Linnworks recently unveiled the brand new XSellco Fusion App in their ever-growing Application Store. The Linnworks/XSellco Application now provides Linnworks users with easy access to the XSellco Fusion software, and this software promises to help Linnworks sellers offer better customer service and response than ever before.

By using the integration, XSellco users can quickly access Order ID’s,  product images, product notes & invoices, while also monitoring shipments directly from within the XSellco dashboard.

Upon release of the application, Linnworks Business Development Manager Artem Verovenko said:

“I am really excited about the release of the XSellco integration. Sellers who use both Linnworks and XSellco Fusion packages are going to be able to offer an amazing service to their customers without the need to invest heavily in labor and resources”.

Artem Verovenko,Head of Business Development, Linnworks 

More information about XSellco Fusion.

 XSellco Fusion is an industry leading customer service package. The system allows you to manage feedback and queries from multiple marketplaces in one single location.

How to install the App.

 Installing the XSellco App is very easy. For a how to guide, just click here