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The Brexit transition period ends on December 31, 2020 so from the first day of the new year, a whole new set of trading rules will be in place for UK businesses that trade internationally. Ecommerce businesses that trade across the UK-EU border will be subject to a new set of border checks, duties and tariffs, and as a result will need to make some changes to their business processes in order to keep trading.

The key change happening on January 1, 2021 is the implementation of a customs border between the UK and the EU, meaning goods will no longer be able to be shipped freely between the UK and any EU member countries. The customs and excise rules for trade between the UK and non-EU countries will now apply to countries in the EU as well.

Get ready with the Linnworks guide to Brexit for ecommerce businesses.

So if you’re an ecommerce business, buying and selling across borders, how do you start getting your business ready, and where do you go for the latest information and updates?

The Linnworks guide to Brexit for ecommerce businesses is your reference for the incoming changes to trade, as well as an overview of some of the key new processes and responsibilities that business owners need to need to be aware of. Changes to customs, tariffs and VAT, as well as relevant requirements you need to know in each country in which you operate.

Changes to Amazon UK FBA. 

The impact of Brexit on Amazon UK FBA is also a key change that ecommerce businesses that trade via the Amazon marketplace need to be aware of. Amazon’s fulfillment and inventory management changes mean sellers won’t be able to fulfil their European marketplace operations from a UK warehouse. Businesses that trade via the Amazon FBA program will need to hold stock in both the UK and EU to continue their distribution of goods via Amazon in both.

The key changes, actions for ecommerce businesses, and links to further information and government guidance, are outlined in Linnworks guide to Brexit for ecommerce businesses, which is available to download now.